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Content is an editable form using a content type as the structure. These are typically pages or posts for your website, but depending on how you structure the content type, content can be very flexible.

Creating Content

Adding a new piece of content can be done 2 ways. The main way is by clicking the floating plus(+) in the bottom right of the Content tab and selecting one of your types in the pop up modal. The other being clicking the plus(+) on a content type item in the Content Types tab.

After you create a content item, you'll be directed to the editing page for that content.

Editing Content

It's as simple as clicking a field and entering data. As you type, your content will be auto-saved. If you see a blue check mark next to the field, it has been auto-saved to the draft. When your content is ready, go to the top of the page and click Publish. If there are no errors and the status has changed to "Published", then it is now publicly available.

If you edit content after publishing, keep in mind that you will have to click Update for the changes to show up on the published version. Along with changing the published version, it will also add the updatedAt property to the content item in the API. This is when the last update was made after the initial publish.

Other options including Unpublish, Discard Draft, Schedule, and Delete are available by clicking the 3 dot menu button next to the Publish button.

Scheduled Publish

If you want your content to be available at a set time in the future, you can schedule it. You won't be able to edit the content until it publishes or you unschedule it. The scheduled date and time will be shown in the content status in blue text.

Discarding Draft

If edits are made after a content is published, you can discard the draft to revert back to the published version. Keep in mind that those edits will be gone for good.