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Apps can be anything that you want to store and retrieve content for (Websites/Apps). They are just containers to separate your data. You currently can create up to 10 apps, but this may change in the future.

Adding your First App

Before you can use the Content Types or Content tab, you need an app created and selected. To do this, click the Add(+) button in the bottom right of the Apps tab in the panel and type a name into the input that appears. After you submit it, select it if its not already selected. You can now navigate to the other tabs.

App Unique ID (UUID)

An app's UUID can be found below the app's name. This ID is necessary for querying content. It will never change, even if you change the app's name.

Changing Name and Deletion

Clicking the ellipsis(...) on an app will reveal a modal allowing you to type and submit a new name.

This modal will also holds a delete button. Clicking delete will ask you to confirm it. Once you click confirming the deletion, all content and content types associated with that app will be permanently deleted. We recommend double checking the content even if you're sure you want it deleted.

API Keys / Access Tokens

To query the app's content with the API, along with the UUID you'll also need an API key, also known as an access token. You can find a link to the API Key page in the same modal used for editing and deleting an app.

Creating an access token is similar to creating an app, use the Add(+) button. You'll be asked to choose between a full access token or a token that only has access to published content. If you plan on using the token on a published app or site, we recommend always Published Only. This allows you to add new content and edit content without it being immediately public.

The token will be similar to the app UUID but significantly longer and found under the key's name.

Both key types are read only so your content is safe to use on a frontend as long as you're fine with all your content being accessible to anyone. If this isn't the case, we recommend storing and using your key server side.

At any time you may delete a key. This will block any future accessing of content with it.