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Panel Basics

These guides should have everything you need to know to get familiar with the Panel. After, read up on the API documentation to easily integrate Milk into your app and/or website.

On this page, we'll go over the basics of the Panel user interface.


This navigation bar contains links to the 4 main panel pages. The blue line under one of the tabs indicates you're currently on that page. You may also notice a blue progress bar above the navigation bar when loading new content. If the progress bar doesn't appear to move for a few seconds, try refreshing your browser.

Add Button

The add button can be found floating in the bottom right of the page containing a plus(+) symbol. Clicking it will typically open a modal to add new data. If it isn't there, then there probably isn't anything that can be added.

Info Bar

The info bar displays the current page on the left and a count of how many objects have been created as a fraction of your limit on the right. This can be seen on all Content Type and Content pages. It may also contain dropdown inputs for filtering and sorting on certain pages.

Ago Timestamps

Most timestamps will be in a relative ago format. Hovering over the text will reveal the exact date and time.