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Queries can include as many or as few parameters as you'd like. The only required parameter is access_token.

URL Parameters vs JSON Post Body

When using URL parameters, multiple values should be separated by commas.


In a JSON Post Body the values should simply be in a JSON array.

{ fields: { 'category': ['Science', 'Comedy'] } }

Short Text Fields

To filter by multiple options for a field's value, pass a list/array instead of a string. If the field's value matches any of the values in the list, it will be returned. Keep in mind short text field parameters are always case sensitive.

Long Text Field

There is no exact matching. It acts basically as a case insensitive search of the field. A string or list/array will be accepted.

Dropdown Field

Acts nearly identical to a short text field as described above.

List Field

Passing a string will check if the value is contained in the list. If a list/array is passed, you may determine whether the list field needs to contain all or any of of the values by adding an argument to the parameter (e.g fields.tags[any]=Science,Comedy). It is defaulted to all.